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ashley besecker, rdn, cd

registered dietitian nutritionist, founder avotix

Ashley Besecker is a registered dietitian nutritionist by training, and one of the only nutrigenetics and genomics specialists practicing in the world of professional athletics today. Ashley studied at Pepperdine, Vanderbilt, and Stanford, and lectures at universities and conferences around the country introducing the concept of personalized nutrition and the science behind it. In practice, she analyzes an athletes DNA and blood biomarkers, and uses their own biochemistry to build out personalized plans for nutrition, performance, and recovery. 

AVOTIX is the first NFT project from a healthcare provider to offer real world value and personalized nutrition services to NFT holders.

twitter // insta // tiktok @ashleyabesecker

matthew koenig, b.kin

owner alliance athletics, avotix partner

Matthew Koenig is a strength and conditioning coach who helps athletes perform their best and stay pain and injury-free. He has developed uncommon, yet proven methods that blend the world of therapy, with high performance training.  

Matthew is the founder of Alliance Athletics, an online training platform that is used by amateur, collegiate and professional athletes all over the world. Alliance training is not just for athletes, and has helped many others turn back the clock, feel younger and even avoid surgeries. World class longevity in a fraction of the time, with or without access to a gym. 

Every individual that signs up to work with Matthew gets a full movement screen, programming tailored to their specific needs and coaching after every session through the Alliance Athletics app. 

Matthew is passionate about learning, and being ahead of the curve, both in the world of coaching, but also in blending it with the world of NFT’s

twitter // insta @matthew.alliance

Green and Yellow Avocado Fruit Pattern Zoom Virtual Background.png


the first nft project by a healthcare provider

AVOTIX came about after 2 years of studying, listening, and absorbing information about the cryptocurrency and NFT space. As a small business owner, Ashley knew there was an application for NFT's within business, and yes, even within healthcare. The easiest way to introduce a new concept is to build on something people already know - which is where the idea of a raffle came in. AVOTIX token holders hold a small piece of art - an avocado - that Ashley herself drew, but also an entry to an ongoing raffle to win Ashley's personal nutrition services for an entire year. There are 4 avocado colors (green, blue, red, and purple) that vary in rarity. Each token equals 1 entry. The color of your token places you on teams. As the Web3 space and NFT's become more mainstream, these colors will come into play in various ways. Inside the avotix discord there are educational conversations and a growing community of amazing people focused on health, longevity, and of course, fun! Please join the discord to get involved!

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